형식수륙 양용 추적 보병 전투 차량
서비스 중1966-현재

사진 갤러리 BMP-1, The BMP-1 is a Soviet amphibious tracked infantry fighting vehicle. BMP stands for Boyevaya Mashina Pekhoty 1 (Russian: Боевая Машина Пехоты 1; БМП-1), meaning “infantry fighting vehicle”. The BMP-1 was the first mass-produced infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) of USSR. It was called the M-1967, BMP and BMP-76PB by NATO before its correct designation was known.

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BMP-1 WalkAround
사진 작가Unknow
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BMP-1 APC Walk Around
사진 작가Bill Maloney
로컬라이제이션알레게니 암스 & 아머 박물관

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BMP-1 (Czech) Walk Around
사진 작가Robert De Craecker

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BMP-1 Walk Around
사진 작가Unknow
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Tthe BMP-1 is a Soviet amphibious tracked infantry fighting vehicle that entered service in 1966. It was designed to provide fire support and mobility to infantry squads in various combat scenarios, including nuclear, chemical and biological warfare. The BMP-1 has a crew of three (commander, driver and gunner) and can carry eight passengers. It is armed with a 73 mm smoothbore gun, a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun and a 9M14 Malyutka anti-tank guided missile launcher.
Tthe BMP-1 has a welded steel armor that can protect it from small arms fire and shell fragments, but not from heavy anti-tank weapons. The BMP-1 can also swim across water obstacles using its water-jet propulsion system. The BMP-1 was widely exported to many countries and saw combat in several wars, such as the Yom Kippur War, the Soviet-Afghan War and the Iran-Iraq War. It was also modified and improved by various operators, resulting in numerous variants with different weapons, armor and equipment.

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