ICM48067-스핏파 이어 Mk. VIII



Spitfire Mk. VIII – WWII British Fighter

브랜드의 모델 ICM :키트 Spitfire Mk. VIII – WWII British Fighter – ICM 48067 .

The British fighter Spitfire – one of the “flying legends” of World War II. In 1943 began production of the Spitfire Mk.VIII modifications with retractable tailwheel and increased range. These fighters served in the Mediterranean and Far East in RAF, USAAF and RAAF units. – 2 RAF Spitfire VIII versions decal sheet included – Highly detailed engine and cockpit interior

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ICM48067-스핏파 이어 Mk. VIII
스핏파 이어 Mk. VIII–차 세계 대전의 영국 전투기–ICM48067
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