TipoBlindati modulari veicolo
FotografoErik Gustavsson

Album di 60 foto di piedi di un «SET W1»

Galleria fotografica di un SEP W1, The SEP modular armoured vehicle (Splitterskyddad enhetsplattform), Swedish for “Fragmentation Protected Standard Platform”, is a hybrid diesel-electric powered armoured fighting vehicle developed by BAE Systems AB. The vehicle is codenamed “Thor”. The first demonstration models were produced in 2000 (tracked) and 2003 (wheeled).[1] It was originally contracted by the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration. The series-hybrid electric drivetrains for both the wheeled (SEP-W) and two generations of tracked (SEP-T) vehicles were designed and manufactured by MAGTEC (Magnetic Systems Technology Ltd, Sheffield, UK).

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Attendere, Ricerca SEP W1 foto per voi...
Attendere, Ricerca SEP W1 per voi...

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