Astros II MLRS

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ASTROS II (Artillery Saturation Rocket System) is a self-propelled multiple rocket launcher produced in Brazil by the Avibras company. It features modular design and employs rockets with calibers ranging from 127 mm to 450 mm ( 5-17.72 inches). It was developed on the basis of a Tectran VBT-2028 6×6 all-terrain vehicle for enhanced mobility.

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The Astros II MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) is a self-propelled artillery system that can fire rockets of various calibers and ranges. It was developed by the Brazilian company Avibras and has been used by several countries in different conflicts. The Astros II MLRS consists of a launcher vehicle, a command vehicle, a fire control vehicle, a resupply vehicle and a weather station vehicle.
The launcher vehicle can carry up to 16 rockets of 127 mm to 450 mm caliber, which can be fired individually or in salvo. The rockets can have different warheads, such as high explosive, cluster or guided. The Astros II MLRS has a high mobility and can be transported by air or sea. The system can deliver a large amount of firepower in a short time, saturating a target area with rockets.

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