Bussing-Nag 500A - IBG 35011

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Bussing Nag 500A

A mock-up of the brand IBG Models The kit: Bussing-Nag 500A – IBG 35011

The Bessing-NAG 500 was a German truck that was manufactured from 1938 to 1942. The version of the B-Ssing-NAG 500 A was developed from the beginning of 1939 and was produced in small quantities between 1940 and 1942. In contrast to the type 500S, which had 7 ventilation flaps, the type B-ssing-NAG 500A had first 4 and then 5 in the side plates of the engine hood.

Source: Bussing-Nag 500A on IBG Models

Bussing-Nag 500A - IBG 35011
Bussing-Nag 500A – IBG 35011
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