Mule M274A2 avec M40A2 106mm

M274 ½-ton 4×4 utility platform truck

Rôle1⁄2 tonne (454kg) 4×4 camion plate-forme
VariantesM274A1, A2, A3, A4

L’armée américaine Camion M274, Plate-forme, utilitaire, 1/2 tonne, 4X4 ou « Porte-avions, Armes légères, Infanterie, 1/2 tonne, 4×4 », également connu sous le nom de « Mule« , « Mule militaire »Ou « Mule mécanique », est un véhicule de type camion/tracteur à quatre roues motrices à essence qui peut transporter jusqu’à 1/2 tonne hors route. Il a été introduit en 1956 et utilisé jusqu’aux années 1980.

Source: Mule M274 sur Wikipedia

M274 1/2 tonne 4×4 camion plate-forme utilitaire
PhotographeVladimir Yakubov
LocalisationMVCC Camp Delta
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The M274 ½-ton 4×4 utility platform truck was a versatile and adaptable vehicle that served the U.S. military for over two decades. It was designed by Willys-Overland as a lightweight and agile truck/tractor that could carry up to 0.45 tonnes of cargo or weapons off-road. It was also known as the « Mule », « Mule militaire »Ou « Mule mécanique » because of its ability to traverse rough terrain and climb steep slopes.
The M274 was introduced in 1956 and produced by various manufacturers until 1970. It was used in various operations and conflicts, especially in the Vietnam War, where it was outfitted with different types of weaponry, such as machine guns, recoilless rifles, mortars, and rocket launchers. The M274 could also transport men, supplies, ammunition, and equipment across jungles, rivers, and mountains. The M274 had a gasoline-powered engine that delivered 16 horsepower and a three-speed manual transmission with a two-speed transfer case. It had four-wheel drive and low-pressure tires that gave it traction and stability on uneven ground.
The M274 had a unique feature that allowed the drivers seat to be removed and the steering column to be moved forward and down. This enabled the vehicle to be driven in reverse or by crawling behind it, which increased its cargo capacity and offered some protection to the driver in case of enemy fire. The M274 was also air-deployable and could be dropped by parachute or carried by helicopter. The M274 was phased out from military service in the 1980s with the introduction of the HMMWV series vehicles.

Vues : 1957

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