de Haviland DH112 Venin

de Havilland DH112 Venin

TypeMonomoteur jet
PhotographieRandy Ray
LocaliserLa Royal Air Force Museum Cosford, royaume-UNI
DescriptionAlbum de 20 photos de promenade autour de «de Havilland DH112 Venin»

Galerie de photos d'un de Havilland DH112 Venin, The de Havilland DH 112 Venom was a British postwar single-engined jet aircraft developed from the de Havilland Vampire. It served with the Royal Air Force as a single-seat fighter-bomber and two-seat night fighter. The Venom was an interim between the first generation of British jet fighters – straight-wing aircraft powered by centrifugal flow engines such as the Gloster Meteor and the Vampire and later swept wing, axial flow-engined designs such as the Hawker Hunter and de Havilland Sea Vixen. The Venom was successfully exported, and saw service with Iraq, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland and Venezuela. The Sea Venom was a navalised version for carrier operation.

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Attendez, la Recherche de Havilland DH112 Venin pour vous...

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