Royal Aircraft Factory S. E. 5

Royal Aircraft Factory S. E. 5

ΧώραΗνωμένο βασίλειο
ΤύποςΜέσο μεταφοράς/βοηθητικό πρόγραμμα ελικόπτερο
ΦωτογράφοςJean Thomas Rembert

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Συλλογή φωτογραφιών της Royal Aircraft Factory S. E. 5, The Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5 was a British biplane fighter aircraft of the First World War. It was developed by the Royal Aircraft Factory by a team consisting of Henry Folland, John Kenworthy and Major Frank Goodden. It was one of the fastest aircraft of the war, while being both stable and relatively manoeuvrable. According to aviation author Robert Jackson, the S.E.5 was: “the nimble fighter that has since been described as the ‘Spitfire of World War One'”.

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