BMP Infanteri Køretøj 1967-94 - NYE VANGUARD 12

Osprey Publishing

SerieNye Vanguard
ForfatterSteven Zaloga J
IllustratorPeter Raps

En bog, der er underskrevet af Osprey Publishing the «BMP Infantry Fighting Vehicle 1967–94 – NEW VANGUARD 12» .

The Russian BMP infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) was one of the most significant innovations in infantry tactics in the latter half of the 20th century. Built in response to the threat of nuclear warfare, it was the world’s first IFV, providing the infantry squad with unprecedented firepower, mobility and protection. With over 55,000 manufactured since 1966, the BMP is also numerically one of the most important armoured vehicles ever built. This richly illustrated book examines the development and design of the BMP, detailing its armaments, performance in combat and variants.

Kilde: Osprey

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BMP Infanteri Køretøj 1967-94 - NYE VANGUARD 12
BMP Infanteri Køretøj 1967-94 – NYE VANGUARD 12
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