JH 7A Flying Leopard

Xi’an JH-7

СтранаНародно #8217;с.Китай
Първи полет14 December 1988

The Xi’an JH-7 (Jianjiji Hongzhaji – fighter-bomber; NATO reporting name Flounder), also known as the FBC-1 (Fighter/Bomber China-1) Flying Leopard, is a tandem two-seat, twin-engine fighter-bomber in service with the People’s Liberation Army Naval Air Force (PLANAF), and the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF). The main contractors are Xi’an Aircraft Industrial Corporation (XAC) and the 603rd Aircraft Design Institute (later named the First Aircraft Institute of AVIC-I).

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The Xi’an JH-7 is a fighter-bomber aircraft developed by China for its naval and air force. It has a tandem two-seat cockpit, a swept-wing design and two WS-9 turbofan engines with afterburners. The JH-7 can carry up to 9,000 kg of various weapons, including anti-ship missiles, air-to-surface missiles, bombs and rockets. The JH-7 entered service in 1992 and has been upgraded to the JH-7A variant, which has improved avionics, radar and electronic warfare systems. The JH-7 is also known as the FBC-1 (Fighter/Bomber China-1) Flying Leopard and has the NATO reporting name Flounder.

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