2S1 Gvozdika

2S1 Gvozdika

País Sovier União
Tipo Auto-propelido obus
Fotografia Vladimir Yakubov
Localize Veículo Militar Da Fundação De Tecnologia
Descrição Álbum de 224 fotos de caminhada ao redor de um "2S1 Gvozdika"

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The 2S1 Gvozdika (Russian: 2С1 «Гвоздика», “Carnation”) is a Soviet self-propelled howitzer based on the chassis MT-LB APC, mounting the 122 mm 2A18 howitzer. “2S1” is its GRAU designation. An alternative Russian designation is SAU-122 but in the Russian Army it is commonly known as Gvozdika. The 2S1 is fully amphibious with very little preparation, and once afloat is propelled by its tracks. A variety of wider tracks are also available to allow the 2S1 to operate in snow or swamp conditions. It is NBC protected and has infra-red night-vision capability.

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