Nanchang CJ-6B

Nanchang CJ-6B

TypeTraining aircraft
PhotographVladimir Yakubov
LocateWings Over Wine Country Airshow
DescriptionAlbum of 23 photos walk-around of a «Nanchang CJ-6B»

Photo gallery of a Nanchang CJ-6B, The Nanchang CJ-6 is an aircraft designed and built in China for use by the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) as a basic trainer. CJ-6B: Two-seat armed border patrol aircraft, powered by a 300-hp Zhuzhou Huosai HS-6D radial piston engine. Small number built.

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Nanchang CJ-6A:

RoleBasic Trainer
ManufacturerChina Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation
First flightAugust 27, 1958
Number built2,000+

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