Kugisho-Yokosuka K-1 Ohka

Kugisho/Yokosuka K-1 Ohka

Country Japan
Type Rocket powered human-guided
Photograph Vladimir Yakubov
Locate National Museum of the United States Navy
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The Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka was a purpose-built, rocket powered human-guided anti-shipping kamikaze attack plane employed by Japan towards the end of World War II.
Ohka K-1: an unpowered trainer version with water ballast instead of warhead and engines, to provide pilots with handling experience. 45 were built by Dai-Ichi Kaigun Koku Gijitsusho

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Role Kamikaze aircraft
Manufacturer Yokosuka Naval Air Technical Arsenal
First flight October 1944
Introduction 1945
Retired 1945
Produced 1944–1945
Number built 852
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