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Dodge M37B1

Country USA
Type Full-size pickup truck
Production 115838 (1951–1968)

Album of 14 photos of a truck Dodge M37B1

Photo gallery of a truck Dodge M37B1, The Dodge M37 was a three-quarter ton four-wheel drive truck staffing in the US Army.

Wait, Searching Dodge M37B1 photos for you…
Wait, Searching Dodge M37B1 for you…

Type : 3⁄4 ton (680kg) 4×4 Cargo truck
Place of origin : United States
Manufacturer : Dodge
Produced : Jan 1951-Jul 1954 Feb 1958-1968
Number built : 115,838
Weight : 2,684 kg empty
Length : 4.81 m
Width : 2.10 m
Height : 2.20 m
Engine : Dodge T-245 58 kW
Transmission : 4 spd. x 2 range trf. case
Suspension : Beam axles on leaf springs
Fuel capacity : 91l
Operational range : 362.1 km
Speed : 89 km/h

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