Стирман Pt-форма 13d Kaydet

Стирман Pt-форма 13d Kaydet

ТипВоенен учебно-тренировъчен самолет
СнимкаВладимир Якубов
НамериНа Тихоокеанското Крайбрежие На Машината Мечти 2008
ОписаниеАлбум 120 снимки на разходка около "Стирман PT-форма 13d Kaydet"

Фото галерия Стирман Pt-форма 13d Kaydet, The Stearman (Boeing) Model 75 is a biplane used as a military trainer aircraft, of which at least 10,626 were built in the United States during the 1930s and 1940s. Stearman Aircraft became a subsidiary of Boeing in 1934. Widely known as the Stearman, Boeing Stearman or Kaydet, it served as a primary trainer for the United States Army Air Forces, the United States Navy (as the NS & N2S), and with the Royal Canadian Air Force as the Kaydet throughout World War II. After the conflict was over, thousands of surplus aircraft were sold on the civilian market. In the immediate postwar years they became popular as crop dusters, sports planes, and for aerobatic and wing walking use in air shows.

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Изчакайте, търсене Стирман Pt-форма 13d Kaydet снимки за вас...
Изчакайте, търсене Стирман Pt-форма 13d Kaydet за вас...

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