Imperial Chinese Peiyang Fleet Cruiser 'Chih yuen' - Bronco NB5018




一个模型品牌 野马 该工具包: 帝国的中国北洋舰队巡洋舰'志yuen'–野马NB5018.

The Chih yuen was a protected cruiser designed and built by Armstrong Whitworth & Company of Elswick on the River Tyne in Northern England. It was one of a series of “Elswick Export Cruisers” built for the navies of China,Chile and Japan. The Cheh Yuen,and sister ship Ching Yuen,were built for the Chinese Peiyang Fleet in 1887. These ships had a displacement of 2,355 tons and had a speed of 18 knots .They were armed with 3×210mm,2×150mm and 8×57mm guns and 4×457mm torpedo tubes. Though fast and well armed the Royal Navy though the class too lightly protected .Commanded by Captain Deng Shichang ,the Chih Yuen took part in the battle of the Yalu River on 17th September,1894 against the Imperial Japanese Navy .The ship fought well,and badly damaded she tried to ram the IJN Yoshino (also an Elswick Cruiser built for Japan).However she sank under heavy fire before she could ram the enimy ship. Story by Phil Greenwood

资料来源: 舰队巡洋舰'志元的'野马

Imperial Chinese Peiyang Fleet Cruiser 'Chih yuen' - Bronco NB5018


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