Stridsvagn m-38

Stridsvagn m-38

TypLätt tank
FotografErik Gustavsson

Album 21 foton promenad-runt av en "Stridsvagn m-38"

Fotogalleri från en Stridsvagn m-38 Stridsvagn L-60 (Strv L-60), also known as Landsverk L-60, was a Swedish tank developed in 1934. It was developed by AB Landsverk as a light tank which included several advanced design features such as torsion bar suspension, periscopes rather than view slits and all-welded construction. The L-60 was progressively improved and four variants were created: L-60A, L-60B, L-60C (37mm gun), L-60D (new turret and 37mm gun and twin machine guns). The L-60 eventually evolved into the Stridsvagn m/38 and subsequent Stridsvagn m/39 and Stridsvagn m/40 and was adopted by the Swedish army as such.

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Vänta, Söker Stridsvagn m-38 för dig...

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