Tiran 4

Tiran 4

ЗемљаSoviet Union, Israel
УлогаГлавни борбени тенк
У сервис1947–тренутно
Изграђен80000+ (T-54)

У Tiran 4 is a modified T-54 with original 100 mm gun. It has two water cans fitted to the rear of the turret, new fenders, new loader’s hatch that opens to the rear and a new antenna mount. Later fitted were a rounded stowage bin on the rear of the turret, pintle-mounted .30 cal M1919A4 Browning medium machine gun in front of the loaders hatch and gas cans fitted to the front fenders

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Tiran 4 Walk Around
ФотографВиктор Крестинин
ЛокацијаМузеј Оклоп Латрун
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