Panzer IV in Action - Squadron Signal SS2012

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Panzers IV

Signed documentation Squadron Signal le livre «Panzer IV in Action – Squadron Signal SS2012» . Le Panzerkampfwagen IV (PzKpfW IV), often referred to as Panzer IV, was a tank used by Nazi Germany during World War II. Originally designed as a fire support tank, with a short 75 mm gun, for the Panzerkampfwagen III, it eventually replaced the panzerkampfwagen III when allied tanks became too protected for the pan. Re-equipped with a long anti-tank gun, the PzKpfW IV was the main German tank during the second part of the war with more than 9000 copies produced and gave birth to many versions.

Source: Wikipedia

Panzer IV in Action - Squadron Signal SS2012
Panzer IV in Action – Squadron Signal SS2012
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