M50 Ontos

M50 Ontos

VrstaLahki oklepni sledilni proti-tank
V servisu1956–69

V Ontos, officially the Rifle, Multiple 106 mm, Self-propelled, M50, was a U.S. light armored tracked anti-tank vehicle developed in the 1950s, a fast tank killer for airborne forces. It mounted six M40 106 mm recoilless rifles as its main armament, which could be fired in rapid succession against single targets to guarantee a kill. It was produced in limited numbers for the U.S. Marines after the U.S. Army lost interest in the project. The Marines consistently reported excellent results when they used the Ontos for direct fire support against infantry in numerous battles and operations during the Vietnam War. The American stock of Ontos was largely expended towards the end of the conflict and the Ontos was removed from service in 1969.

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M50 Ontos Sprehod Okoli
FotografErik Fox
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M50A1 Ontos Sprehod Okoli
FotografVladimir Jakubov
LokalizacijoMuzej Patton
M50 Ontos Sprehod Okoli
FotografVladimir Jakubov
LokalizacijoFundacija za tehnologijo vojaških vozil

Zgodovina storitev In service : 1956–69 Used by :United States Wars : -Vietnam War -Operation Power Pack Zgodovina proizvodnje Designer : Allis-Chalmers Designed : 1952 Manufacturer : Allis-Chalmers Produced :1955–57 Number built : 297 Variants : M50A1
Specifikacije Weight : 8.600kg Length : 3.83m Width :2.59m Height :2.13m Crew :3 (driver, gunner and loader) Caliber : 106mm Main armament : 6×M40 recoilless rifles Secondary armament : 1×.30-caliber machine gun Operational range : 185km Speed : 48km/h

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M50 Ontos Walk Around
FotografVladimir Jakubov
LokalizacijoMCAS Miramar Air Show
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The M50 Ontos was a unique tank destroyer developed by the United States in the 1950s. It featured six 106 mm recoilless rifles mounted on a lightly armored tracked chassis. The recoilless rifles could fire high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT), high-explosive squash head (HESH), or flechette rounds, and had a spotting rifle attached to each barrel to aid in aiming. The M50 Ontos was designed to be air-transportable and fast, but it suffered from several drawbacks, such as limited ammunition storage, poor crew protection, and the need to expose the crew to reload the guns. The M50 Ontos was mainly used by the US Marine Corps in the Vietnam War, where it proved effective in providing direct fire support against enemy infantry and fortifications.

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