Lockheed Martin F-35A

Lockheed F-35B Lightning II

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Prvi let15 December 2006

V Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is a family of single-seat, single-engine, all-weather stealth multirole fighters undergoing final development and testing by the United States. The fifth generation combat aircraft is designed to perform ground attack and air defense missions. The F-35 has three main models: the F-35A conventional takeoff and landing (CTOL) variant, the F-35B short take-off and vertical-landing (STOVL) variant, and the F-35C carrier-based Catapult Assisted Take-Off But Arrested Recovery (CATOBAR) variant. On 31 July 2015, the first squadron was declared ready for deployment after intensive testing by the United States.

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Lockheed F-35 Lightning II
FotografVladimir Jakubov
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Role :Stealth multirole fighter National origin : United States Manufacturer : Lockheed Martin Aeronautics First flight : 15 December 2006 Introduction : -F-35B: 31 July 2015 -F-35A: Q3 2016 -F-35C: 2018 Primary users : -United States Air Force -United States Marine Corps -United States Navy -Royal Air Force Produced : 2006–present Number built : 171

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Lockheed F-35A Lightning II Walk Around
FotografVladimir Jakubov
LokalizacijoCapital City Airshow 2016, Sacramento

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