122mm howitzer M1910-30

122 mm howitzer M1910/30

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Fotogalerija 122 mm howitzer M1910/30, The 122 mm howitzer M1910/30 (Russian: 122-мм гаубица обр. 1910/30 гг.) was a Soviet 121.92 mm (4.8 inch) howitzer, a modernization of World War I era 122-mm howitzer M1910. It was the most numerous divisional howitzer of the RKKA at the outbreak of Great Patriotic War and remained in service throughout the war.

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The 122 mm howitzer M1910/30 was a Soviet field artillery piece that was used in World War II. It was a modernized version of the 122 mm howitzer M1910, which was originally designed by the French company Schneider. The M1910/30 had a longer barrel, a new breech mechanism, and a modified carriage. It had a maximum range of 8.8 km and could fire six to eight rounds per minute. The M1910/30 was mainly used for direct fire support of infantry and cavalry units, as well as for counter-battery fire. It was also capable of firing high-explosive, armor-piercing, smoke, and chemical shells. The M1910/30 was widely distributed in the Red Army and saw action in various fronts of the war, including the Winter War, the Battle of Moscow, the Battle of Stalingrad, and the Battle of Berlin. It was also exported to several countries, such as China, Finland, Poland, and Romania. The M1910/30 was a reliable and effective weapon that remained in service until the 1950s.

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