Transall C-160

Transall C-160

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Prvý let25 February 1963

Komisia Transall C-160 (often C.160 or simply Transall) is a military transport aircraft, designed and produced as a joint venture between France and Germany. Transall is an abbreviation of the specially formed consortium Transporter Allianz, comprising the companies of MBB, Aerospatiale and VFW-Fokker. It was initially developed to meet the requirements for a modern cargo aircraft for the French and German Air Forces; export sales were also made to South Africa and to Turkey, as well as a small number to civilian operators.

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C-160 Transall
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Transall C-160
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The Transall C-160 is a military transport aircraft that was developed by a consortium of French and German aircraft manufacturers. It was designed to meet the requirements of the air forces of both countries for a medium-range tactical airlifter that could operate from short and unprepared airstrips. The C-160 first flew in 1963 and entered service in 1967. It has been used for various missions, including troop and cargo transport, paratroop drop, medical evacuation, aerial refueling, electronic warfare, and maritime patrol. The C-160 has a high-wing configuration with four turboprop engines, a rear loading ramp, and a retractable landing gear. It can carry up to 93 troops or 16 tons of cargo. It has a range of about 1,800 km (1,100 mi) with a full load and a maximum speed of 513 km/h (319 mph). The C-160 has been exported to several countries, including Turkey, South Africa, and Indonesia. It has also been modified for special operations and humanitarian relief. The C-160 is still in service with some operators, but it is gradually being replaced by newer aircraft such as the Airbus A400M Atlas.

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