Kriegsmarine Coastal Forces - NEW VANGUARD 151

Osprey Publishing

SérieNova Vanguarda
AutorGordon Williamson
IllustratorIan Palmer

A documentação assinada Osprey Publishing le livre «Kriegsmarine Coastal Forces – NEW VANGUARD 151» .

Although often overlooked in favour of the U-boats or battleships, the vast majority of the Kriegsmarine was formed of the smaller vessels of the coastal forces. These ships and boats, which included minesweepers, torpedo boats, patrol boats, and blockade breakers, gave crucial service to Germany during the war, and many continued serving for decades after the surrender in such tasks as clearing minefields. Also included in these forces was Hitler’s yacht, the Ostwind. This book reveals the history of the vessels that formed the backbone of the Kriegsmarine, and combines fascinating anecdotes, detailed technical information, and full-colour artwork.

Fonte: osprey

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Kriegsmarine Coastal Forces - NEW VANGUARD 151
Kriegsmarine Coastal Forces – NEW VANGUARD 151
Wait, Searching Kriegsmarine Coastal Forces for you…

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