Sikorsky S-76 Spirit

Sikorsky S-76

KrajuStany Zjednoczone Ameryki
RoliŚmigłowiec użytkowy
Pierwsza mucha13 February 1977

Tthe Sikorsky S-76 is a medium-size commercial utility helicopter designed and produced by the American helicopter manufacturer Sikorsky Aircraft. It is the company’s first helicopter specifically developed for the civilian market.

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Sikorsky S-76 Spirit
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The Sikorsky S-76 is a versatile helicopter that can perform various missions such as offshore oil and gas transportation, executive transport, search and rescue, and air ambulance. It is produced by Sikorsky Aircraft, a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin, and has been in service since 1979. The S-76 has a four-bladed main rotor and a four-bladed tail rotor, both driven by two turboshaft engines. The landing gear is retractable for improved aerodynamics and reduced noise.
The S-76 can carry up to 12 passengers or 4 stretchers in its spacious cabin, which can be configured for different needs. The S-76 has a high level of safety and reliability, with more than 7.5 million flight hours accumulated by over 875 aircraft delivered worldwide. The latest model of the S-76 is the S-76D, which features more powerful engines, an advanced avionics suite, a quieter rotor system, and an all-composite airframe.

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