W okresie zdrowienia samochód Mitsubishi A7M1 REPPU Sam - piękne formy FB11

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The item request has been submitted from the Navy in 1942 as a fighter name (named after Shisei gale) on the試艦seventeen was planned as the successor of the Zero Fighter. Completion of the first prototype will be April 1944 because it has been busy in repair and production of lightning-Zero Fighter is the active aircraft design is also difficulties from that there is no room for the selection of movers contrary to the performance demands excessive . In the first flight, but will be highly appreciated both flight stability, maneuverability, speed and performance increase is far from the desired value of output from a lack of movers, renovation will continue until the end of the war.

■ About eleven type gale gale Shisei has been developed as the successor of war zero, satisfactory results can not be obtained from the lack of output mover, in the summer of 1944 is to discontinue development will be threatened. Mitsubishi decided to retrofit to in-house mover claimed from the beginning of development here. Was connected to the mass production of the hope of significant performance improvement has been confirmed and to conduct flight test two months later. Enhancement of these testing machine also does not come true, due to the deterioration of the war situation, also far from a mass production system by repeated air raids, the unit has reached the end of the war as a “fighter” phantom however.

W okresie zdrowienia samochód Mitsubishi A7M1 REPPU Sam - piękne formy FB11
W okresie zdrowienia samochód Mitsubishi A7M1 REPPU Sam – piękne formy FB11
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