57mm ZIS-2 AT Gun Mod.1943
57 mm anti-tank gun M1943 (ZiS-2)
CountrySoviet Union
RoleAnti-tank gun
Produced1941, 1943-1945

The ZiS-2 (Russian: ЗиС-2) was a Soviet 57-mm anti-tank gun used during World War II. The ZiS-4 was a version of the gun meant to be installed in tanks. ZiS stands for Zavod imeni Stalina (Russian Завод имени Сталина, “Factory named after Stalin”), the official title of Artillery Factory No. 92, which produced the gun first.

Source: ZiS-2 on Wikipedia

57mm ZIS-2 AT Gun Mod.1943 Walk Around
PhotographerYuri Pasholok
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57mm ZIS-2 AT Gun Mod.1941
PhotographerYuri Pasholok

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