155mm Howitzer FH 70

FH70 Howitzer

Country United Kingdom, Germany, Italy
Role Howitzer
In service 1978–present
Built Unknow

The FH70 (field howitzer for the 1970s) is a towed howitzer in use with several nations. In 1963, NATO agreed a NATO Basic Military Requirement 39 for close support artillery, either towed or tracked. Subsequently, Germany and UK started discussions and design studies and in 1968 established agreed operational characteristics for a towed 155 mm close support gun. Italy became a party to the agreement in 1970.

Source: FH70 on Wikipedia
FH-70 155mm Field Howitzer Walk Around
Photographer Gaetano Pisano
Localisation Unknow
Photos 60
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155mm Howitzer FH 70 Walk Around
PhotographerDarren Baker
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The FH70 Howitzer is a 155 mm artillery piece that was developed by a consortium of three European countries: the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. The FH70 Howitzer was designed to meet the NATO requirements for a close support gun that could fire a variety of ammunition types and achieve a long range. The FH70 Howitzer has a semi-automatic breech mechanism, a detachable auxiliary power unit, and a split-trail carriage that allows for a wide traverse and elevation. The FH70 Howitzer entered service in 1978 and was used by several nations, including Japan, which produced it under license. The FH70 Howitzer has a maximum range of 30 km with base bleed projectiles and can fire up to six rounds per minute in rapid mode.

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