IMR-2 Engineering Road


Country Soviet Union
Role ​Heavy Combat engineering vehicle
In Service 1982-present
Built 659

IMR-2 is a combat engineering vehicle built on T-72 main battle tank. Development of the IMR-2 begun in 1970s completed in 1980, while commercial production commenced 1982. IMR-2 developed to replace aging IMR which built on base of T-54/55 tank.The IMR-2 combat engineering vehicle is in service with Russian Army and some foreign militaries. It took part in Soviet–Afghan War, First Chechen War, Second Chechen War and in addition used in relief operations after Chernobyl disaste

Source: IMR-2 on Wikipedia
IMR-2 Engineering Road Clearing Vehicle
Photographer Carrey
Localisation “Stalin Line” Museum
Photos 66
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The IMR-2 is a combat engineering vehicle that was developed by the Soviet Union in the 1980s and is still used by Russia today. The acronym IMR stands for Inzhenernaya Mashina Razgrazhdeniya, which means “Clearing Engineering Vehicle” in English. The IMR-2 is designed to clear obstacles and create routes for other vehicles in the battlefield. It is based on the chassis of the T-72 main battle tank, and has a rotating crane arm with pincers and a bulldozer blade on the front. The IMR-2 can also carry out mine-clearing operations with a special system mounted on the crane arm. The IMR-2 has a crew of two and is armed with a 12.7 mm machine gun for self-defense. The IMR-2 is powered by a V-84MS diesel engine that gives it a maximum speed of 50 km/h and a range of 500 km. The IMR-2 has participated in several conflicts, such as the Soviet-Afghan War, the Chechen Wars, and the Syrian Civil War.

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