IMR-2 Engineering Road


Riik Soviet Union
Rolli ​Heavy Combat engineering vehicle
In Service 1982-present
Ehitatud 659

IMR-2 is a combat engineering vehicle built on T-72 main battle tank. Development of the IMR-2 begun in 1970s completed in 1980, while commercial production commenced 1982. IMR-2 developed to replace aging IMR which built on base of T-54/55 tank.The IMR-2 combat engineering vehicle is in service with Russian Army and some foreign militaries. It took part in Soviet–Afghan War, First Chechen War, Second Chechen War and in addition used in relief operations after Chernobyl disaste

Source: IMR-2 on Wikipedia
IMR-2 Engineering Road Clearing Vehicle
Fotograaf Carrey
Lokaliseerimine “Stalin Line” Museum
Fotod 66
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