TA-4SU Skyhawk

ST Aerospace A-4SU Super Skyhawk

LandRepublic of Singapore
RolleFighter-bomber, Advanced jet trainer
Første flytur19 September 1986

Den ST Aerospace A-4SU Super Skyhawk is a major upgrade project of the Douglas A-4S Skyhawk attack aircraft undertaken by Singapore Aircraft Industries (SAI, now ST Aerospace) in the 1980s. It was used exclusively by the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), serving in the fighter-bomber role from 1989 until retirement from front line service in 2005. Since mid-1999, the A-4SU took on the additional role of being the designated advanced jet trainer (AJT) aircraft for the RSAF’s AJT training program/detachment in Cazaux, France.

Source: ST Aerospace A-4SU Super Skyhawk on Wikipedia

TA-4SU Skyhawk Walk Around
FotografRobert Verhegghen
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