RoleBelangrijkste gevechtstank
Gebouwd6 prototypes

De Amx-32 was een Franse belangrijkste gevechtstank ontwikkeld door AMX en APX tijdens de late jaren 1970 als een exporttank om te passen in een specifieke marktniche van landen met kleinere defensiebudgetten. Terwijl zes prototypes werden gebouwd, slaagde het er niet in om interesse te wekken voor buitenlandse verkopen.

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The AMX-32 was a French main battle tank that was designed by AMX and APX in the late 1970s as an export tank for countries with smaller defence budgets. It was based on the AMX-30, but had improved armor, fire control and observation systems. The AMX-32 had a four-man crew and could be armed with either a 105 mm rifled gun or a 120 mm smoothbore gun. It also had a 20 mm autocannon and a 7.62 mm machine gun as secondary weapons.
The AMX-32 had a diesel engine that gave it a maximum speed of 65 km/h and an operational range of 530 km. The AMX-32 featured spaced armor on the front of the hull, the mantlet and the turret sides, which could withstand impacts from 57 mm and 75 mm armor-piercing rounds. The turret roof was thickened to protect against attacks from fighter-bombers. The AMX-32 had a laser rangefinder, a low light television camera, and a gyrostabilized panoramic sight for the commander. The main gun could be stabilized and aimed by the commander or the gunner. The AMX-32 was never ordered by any country, and only six prototypes were built.

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