Laister-카우프만 TG-4

바르토스/노벨 BN-1Phantom

Laister-카우프만 TG-4 (designated LK-10 Yankee Doodle 2 by its designer) was a sailplane produced in the United States during the Second World War for training cargo glider pilots. It was a conventional sailplane design with a fuselage of steel tube construction and wooden wings and tail, skinned all over with fabric. The pilot and instructor sat in tandem under a long canopy.

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Laister-카우프만 TG-4A 산책
사진블라디미르 Yakubov
현지화비행기의 명예 박물관,Chino
Wait, Searching Laister-Kauffman TG-4 for you…

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