역할Armoured repair and recovery vehicle

An armoured recovery vehicle (ARV) is an armoured vehicle used during combat for recovery or repair of battle-damaged and inoperable armoured fighting vehicles. The term “Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle” (ARRV) is also used. The Russian acronym BREM (cyr. БРЭМ) stands for “бронированная ремонтно-эвакуационная машина”, literally “armoured repair and recovery vehicle”. BTS-2 (T-54 Chassis) BTS-4A (T-54 Chassis) BREM-1 (T-72 Chassis) BREM-2 (BMP-1 Chassis) BREM-L (BMP-3 Chassis) BREM-K (BTR-80 Chassis) BREM-80U (T-80U Chassis)

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