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New Vanguard
AuthorsHilary Doyle Tom Jentz

책에 의해 서명 Osprey Publishing the «Jagdpanzer 38 ‘헤처 구축 전차‘ 1944–45 – NEW VANGUARD 36» .

The Jagdpanzer 38 is one of the best known German armoured fighting vehicles from World War II. Rushed into series production in the record time of less than four months, it was instantly recognisable by the sleek appearance created by its well-sloped armour. Many experts in post-war armour hold the opinion that this tank destroyer was just the answer to Germany’s problem of dealing with the numerically superior American M4 Medium tank (known to the British Army as the Sherman) and the Russian T-34.

출처: Osprey Publishing

New Vanguard36
Jagdpanzer38'헤처 구축 전차'1944-45 년 새로운 선봉 36
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