Pz.Kpfw 을.IV 으로 표범 F 렛 DML6824

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유형1/35 차 세계 대전의 군사

Pz.Kpfw.IV mit Panther F Turret

브랜드의 모델 드래곤 모델 키트: Pz.Kpfw 을.IV 으로 표범 F 렛 DML6824

This 1/35 scale plastic kit represents in plastic the fruition of that project’s ambition. The highly detailed kit is closely based on Dragon’s leading model of the Panzer IV, and of course it features an appropriately rendered Panther Ausf.F turret. In fact, to accommodate the new turret, the upper hull has been completely retooled with the correct details. The unique-looking tank also wears a set of detailed side skirts. While the design was destined to be confined to history as yet another paper panzer, this kit offers modelers the chance to build and enjoy something of an oddity!

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Pz.Kpfw 을.IV 으로 표범 F 렛 DML6824
Pz.Kpfw 을.IV 으로 표범 F 렛 DML6824
Pz.Kpfw 을.IV 으로 표범 F 렛 DML6824
Pz.Kpfw 을.IV 으로 표범 F 렛 DML6824
Pz.Kpfw 을.IV 으로 표범 F 렛 DML6824
Pz.Kpfw 을.IV 으로 표범 F 렛 DML6824
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