Panther Ausf.D 늦은 생산-DML7506

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Ref 7506
유형1/35 차 세계 대전의 군사

Panther Ausf.D 늦 생산

브랜드의 모델 드래곤 모델 키트: Panther Ausf.D 늦은 생산–DML7506

-Newly produced authentic Panther Ausf.D Late Production -Newly produced road wheels w/delicate detail -Newly designed armored cap for snorkel tube -Authentic pistol port included -Antiaircraft Mg ring added to commander’s hatch -Engine deck grills molded w/intricate details -Finely detailed exhaust pipes, jack and rear stowage boxes molded on hull rear -On-vehicle tools reproduced w/clasps -Bolts and rivets delicately represented on hull bottom -One-piece slide-molded lower hull -Finely detailed front headlights -Newly produced jack rest box -Easy-to-assemble idlers and sprocket wheels look authentic -One-piece DS tracks

출처: Dragon

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Panther Ausf.D 늦은 생산-DML7506
Panther Ausf.D 늦은 생산–DML7506
Panther Ausf.D 늦은 생산-DML7506
Panther Ausf.D 늦은 생산–DML7506
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