C-54D SKYMASTER-Revell04877




モデルのブランド Revell このキット: C-54D SKYMASTER – Revell 04877.

– New Mould – Finely structured surfaces, recessed panel joints – Detailed cockpit with instrument panel – Detailed seats – Detailed radio room with equipment – Cargo hold door can be built in the open or closed position – Inner bulkheads – Complete set of interior seating – Rest cabin with bunks – Cargo hold floor with fine details – Separate landing flaps – Detailed interior fuselage walls – Detailed forward undercarriage – Separate ailerons – Detailed tail-unit – Detailed main under-carriage, 3 different wheel rims – Rotating propellers – Detailed twin radial engines with exhaust manifolds – Any antennae – Detailed nose area, 2 nose variants Authentic decal set for following versions: – Douglas C-54 Skymaster, USAF, 1949 – Douglas C-54 Skymaster, USAF, Airlift Berlin, Wiesbaden AB, Winter 1948 – 1949

The legendary C-54 was used for intercontinental transport operations and set numerous records. She was the first mass produced four-engine aircraft to make trans-atlantic crossings. The Douglas Aircraft Company began development of the DC-4 passenger aircraft in 1938. This was changed to become the C-54 long-range military transport aircraft after the United States entered the war in 1942. A total of 1,160 C-54 aircraft have been built. First flights across the Pacific to resupply troops fighting against the Japanese and repatriate the wounded began in 1942. Numerous modifications and special versions made the C-54 one of the most versatile of all military aircraft. Amongst other missions it also served as the President’s airplane. The C-54 achieved special recognition during the Berlin Airlift when it became known as the Candy Bomber . It was used to completely resupply the three Western Sectors of the city during 1948 -1949.

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C-54D SKYMASTER-Revell04877
C-54D SKYMASTER–Revell04877
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