Mustang Mk.IVA - RAF Fighter - ICM 48155



Mustang Mk.IVA, WWII RAF Fighter

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The legendary Р-51 Mustang was one of the best fighter aircraft of the WWII period. The modification Р-51D has been produced since 1944. It differed by the installation of the bubble canopy and more potent armament. Planes, built by the Dallas plant, were named P-51K. They had Aeroproducts propellers and larger canopies. 594 planes of this type were delivered to RAF and were named Mustang Mk.IVA. -Aeroproducts propeller and larger Dallas type canopy are included -2 versions decal sheet included

: Mustang Mk.IVA on ICM

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Mustang Mk.IVA - RAF Fighter - ICM 48155
Mustang Mk.IVA – RAF Fighter – ICM 48155
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