YPR 765

YPR 765

Szerep Gyalogsági harcjármű
Változatok Holland
Háborúk Yugoslav wars, anti-guerrilla operations in the Philippines, War in Afghanistan

A AIFV (Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle) is a tracked light armored vehicle that serves as an infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) in the armies of several countries. It is a development of the M113A1 armored personnel carrier. While the US was uninterested in the design, a number of other governments were interested in the vehicle, which was simpler, lighter, and cheaper than the Bradley. After a series of demonstrations and the delivery of four evaluation vehicles in 1974, the Netherlands government placed an order for 880 of the vehicles in 1975, which were designated YPR-765 when they entered service. Some changes were made at the request of the Dutch government, including shifting the weapon station to the right side and moving the commander behind the driver. The Netherlands ordered 2,079, of which 815 were produced locally under license. Under the YPR-2000 program, virtually all Dutch vehicles were upgraded to YPR-765A1 standard and are easily identified by the 3-tone NATO camouflage pattern[clarification needed]. During the war in Afghanistan, several vehicles were fitted with additional armour.

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