Royal Enfield motorkerékpárok háborús Sétálni

Royal Enfield motorkerékpárok háborús

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TípusMotorkerékpárok háborús

Album 11 képek egy moto A Royal Enfield

A második világháború alatt, A Enfield Ciklus Cég was called upon by the British authorities to develop and manufacture military motorcycles. The models produced for the military were the WD/C 350 cc sidevalve, WD/CO 350 cc OHV, WD/D 250 cc SV, WD/G 350 cc OHV and WD/L 570 cc SV. One of the most well-known Enfields was the Royal Enfield WD/RE, known as the Flying Flea, a lightweight 125 cc motorcycle designed to be dropped by parachute with airborne troops.[2] In order to establish a facility not vulnerable to the wartime bombing of the Midlands, an underground factory was set up, starting in 1942, in a disused “Bath Stone” quarry at Westwood, near Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire. Many staff were transferred from Redditch and an estate of “prefabs” was built in Westwood to house them.

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Várj, Keres Royal Enfield motorkerékpárok háborús fotók...
Várj, Keres Royal Enfield motorkerékpárok háborús...

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