Antonov AN-2/AN-2CX Colt - HOBBY BOSS 81705

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Antonov AN-2/AN-2CX Colt


A new model of the brand HobbyBoss the kit : Antonov AN-2/AN-2CX Colt – HOBBY BOSS 81705

The An-2 Colt has been used as a paratroop transport, glider tug, navigation trainer, utility transport and light bomber. The An-2 prototype was first flown on August 31, 1947, and the aircraft is still in production, although the Antonov Bureau has not produced any since 1960. The An-2s designer, Oleg Antonov, had been an aircraft designer during the Second World War. Originally designed for the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in the former Soviet Union, the aircraft was soon adopted by the Soviet Air Force and built for its client states. It is ideally suited to less developed countries because it requires little maintenance and is easy to fly.

Features : -The kit consists of over 240 parts -Detailed fuselage&wing w/accurate design -Detailed cockpit

Source: Antonov AN-2/AN-2CX Colt on Hobby Boss

Antonov AN-2/AN-2CX Colt - HOBBY BOSS 81705
Antonov AN-2/AN-2CX Colt – HOBBY BOSS 81705
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