Messerschmitt BF109F-4 Trop/R1 Limited Edition - Hasegawa 09980


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Messerschmitt BF109F-4

A kit from the brand Hasegawa the kit : «Messerschmitt BF109F-4 Trop/R1 Limited Edition – Hasegawa 09980».

Jagdgeschwader 52 (JG 52) lives on as history’s most successful fighter-wing, earning more than 10,000 “kills” during World War II. JG 52 pilots flew only the Messerschmitt Bf 109. JG 52’s record lives on in part because of this highly advanced warbird. This limited edition kit features new metal 0.6″ (15 mm) machine gun barrel parts and new metal inlet parts.

Source: Messerschmitt BF109F-4 on HasegawaUsa

Messerschmitt BF109F-4 Trop/R1 Limited Edition - Hasegawa 09980
Messerschmitt BF109F-4 Trop/R1 Limited Edition – Hasegawa 09980
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