Agusta A129 Mangusta

Agusta A129 Mangusta

PapelHelicóptero de ataque
Primer vuelo11 September 1983

El Agusta A129 Mangusta (English: Mongoose) is an attack helicopter originally designed and produced by Italian company Agusta. It is the first attack helicopter to be designed and produced wholly in Europe. It has continued to be developed by AgustaWestland, the successor company to Agusta. The A129 has undergone several combat deployments since entering service with the Italian Army in the 1990s. A derivative of the A129, the TAI/AgustaWestland T129 ATAK, is being developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) in cooperation with AgustaWestland. TAI will produce the T129 for the Turkish Army and potentially export customers.

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FotógrafoLuca Mantegna
Wait, Searching Agusta A129 Mangusta for you…
Wait, Searching Agusta A129 Mangusta for you…

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