Truck-Nasedl na Dělostřelectvo v Akci - Letka Signál SS2044

Squadron Signal

SérieAmor V Akci
TémaTruck-Mounted Artillery in Action
Obdobídruhé světové války

Dokumentace podepsána Squadron Signal le livre «Truck-Mounted Artillery in Action – Squadron Signal SS2042» .

Italian military planners saw the need for highly mobile artillery early in the 20th Century. Accordingly, Italy began mounting anti-aircraft weapons on truck chassis prior to WWI, giving birth to the autocannone, a weapon concept which would soldier through both World Wars. Inspired by the German half-tracks equipped with 88mm guns, the Italians reprised the autocannone with their 90/53 guns on a heavy truck chassis. Other vehicles, some captured, were mated with a wide variety of weapons, often in the field. A unique and lavishly-illustrated survey of the various weapon combinations devised by the Italian military from the inception of the autocannone until the end of WWII. Illustrated with over 200 photographs, plus color profiles and detailed line drawings. Riccio; 52 pages.

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Truck-Nasedl na Dělostřelectvo v Akci - Letka Signál SS2044
Truck-Nasedl na Dělostřelectvo v Akci – Letka Signál SS2044
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