ПЗЛ Sp 38 Вилк - обработка на militaria 003 - Ливре

ПЗЛ Sp 38 Вилк


Обработка На Militaria

СерияАвиацията Military

Документация, подписано Обработка На Militaria la revue «PZL P.38 Wilk – Wydawnictwo Militaria 003» .

В ПЗЛ.38 Вилк (“wolf”) (PZL-38) was a Polish fighter-bomber developed and manufactured by PZL state factory in 1937. It was a twin-engine low-wing cantilever monoplane of metal construction, metal covered. The fuselage was semi-monocoque, elliptic in cross-section. The crew of two – pilot and rear gunner/bombardier/observer sat under separate canopies, far from each other, fitted with dual controls. A canopy of pilot’s cockpit opened aside. Three part wing, outer parts were built around light closed profiles.

Wings fitted with slats and split flaps. Twin vertical stabilizers. Engines in underwing nacelles. Retractable landing gear, with main wheels retracting into engine nacelles, and a rear skid. Three-blade variable (Sp 38/Аз) or two-blade fixed propellers (ПЗЛ.38/втори). Fuel tanks in wings – 500 l. Armament: fixed 20 mm FK-A gun (planned) and two 7.92 mm PWU wz.36 machineguns in the fuselage nose, twin 7.92 mm PWU wz.37 machinegun of a rear gunner, hiding in the fuselage. It could carry one 300-kg bomb.

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ПЗЛ Sp 38 Вилк - обработка на militaria 003 - Ливре
ПЗЛ Sp 38 Вилк – обработка на militaria 003 – Ливре
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