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Tank Type 95 Ha-Go

ТипЛек танк

Албум 28 photos walk-around of a tank «Type 95 Ha-Go»

Photo gallery of a Tank Type 95 Ha-Go, The Тип 95 Ха-Ти was a light tank used by the Imperial Japanese Army in combat operations of the Second Sino-Japanese War, at Nomonhan against the Soviet Union, and in the Second World War. It proved sufficient against infantry, however, like the American M3 Stuart, it was not designed to fight other tanks. Approximately 2,300 units were produced, making it the most numerous Japanese armored fighting vehicle of the time.

Източник: Уикипедия

Wait, Searching Tank Type 95 Ha-Go photos for you…
Wait, Searching Tank Type 95 Ha-Go for you…

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