照片Thord Wedman

专辑的 51 照片走-周围的"Strv M40"

照片画廊的 Strv40号高速, Tank w / 40 (Strv m / 40) was a Swedish tank, constructed by Landsverk during the early 1940s. On the Tank w / 39 developed battle tank was designated from the start L-60-S III. It got Army designation Strv m / 40, a little later, when m / 40 K (Karlstad) was added to the designated m / 40L (Land Administration). Total ordered 100 pieces from Landsverk delivered in 1943 and 80 pc from Karlstad delivered in 1945.

资料来源: Strv M40在维基百科

等一等,寻找Strv M40照片因为你...
等一等,寻找Strv M40为你...
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