Мессершмидт иу-262A

Messerschmitt Me 262

Земља Немачка
Тип Борац
Слике Владимир Якубов
Место снимања Evergreen the Air & the Space Museum

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Фото галерија Messerschmitt Me 262A,
The Messerschmitt Me 262 Schwalbe / Sturmvogel (English: “Swallow”/ “Storm Bird”) of Nazi Germany was the world’s first operational jet-powered fighter aircraft. Design work started before World War II began, but engine problems and top-level interference kept the aircraft from operational status with the Luftwaffe until mid-1944. The Me 262 was faster, and more heavily-armed than any Allied fighter, including the British jet-powered Gloster Meteor. One of the most advanced aviation designs in operational use during World War II, the Me 262 was used in a variety of roles, including light bomber, reconnaissance, and even experimental night fighter versions.

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Wait, Searching Messerschmitt Me 262 photos for you…
Wait, Searching Messerschmitt Me 262 for you…
Me 262A Walk Around
Фотограф Сергеј Арчаков
Локација Музеј краљевске АВИЈАЦИЈЕ у Хендоне
Слике 55
Me 262 Walk Around
Фотограф Dean Bainbridge
Локација Непозната
Слике 19
Messerschmitt Me 262B-1a/U1 Walk Around
Фотограф Max Otten
Локација Непозната
Слике 22

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