Country Soviet Union
Location Kubinka Armor Museum, Russia
Type Amphibious light tank
Production 1940–41 (222 built)

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Photo Gallery of a T-40S tank, The T-40 amphibious scout tank was an amphibious light tank used by the Soviet Union during World War II.
Amphibious capability was important to the Red Army, as evidenced by the production of over 1,500 amphibious tanks in the 1930s. The T-40 was intended to replace the aging T-37 and T-38 tank light amphibians. It was a superior design, but due to the pressures of war the Soviets favored the production of simpler tank designs, and only a small number of T-40s were built.

Source: Wikipedia

Wait, Searching Russian T-40S tank photos for you…
Wait, Searching Russian T-40S tank for you…

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